Levittown Limo Presents... Can't miss Bars & Restaurants

While Levittown is technically not a city, that doesn't make it a great place to visit in the greater Philly area. Upon visiting, you'll find that the layout of the area's streets is rather unusual for a town of it's size. You'll also find a great selection of places to stop in and grab some food, as well as a large selection of bars and pubs to throw back a drink and relax. We invite you to explore the friendly confines of Levittown on your limousine adventure, and stop in at some of our favorite haunts!

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8800 New Falls Rd. Levittown, PA 19054
(215) 547-3323

For some of the best Asian food in Levittown, Mizu is sure to please. The sushi here is amazing. Whether it’s the more standard rolls like their Philadelphia roll or even some of their signature rolls like the Mizu Roll, this place is a charm. And it isn’t all sushi here, there are all sorts of Japanese staples like their a wonderful soups, a task seaweed salad, and some of the best beef teriyaki you’ll find in Pennsylvania. The ambiance is a little basic, but in fact, that just adds more charm to the restaurant — and it keeps you focused on the food! Before we forget, you're going to really appreciate the wonderful staff too!

Bailey's Bar & Grille

6922 Bristol Emilie Rd. Levittown, PA 19057
(215) 946-7992

At Bailey's, you’ll find some of the best American style dishes in town. Their unbelievable Pulled Pork Nacho dish is both unique and totally satisfying. You can also find some great burger and sandwiches here. But, the crown jewel of their menu... The boneless and bone in wings. Always good, always tasty, and always a great variety of flavoring to choose from. There are also tons of pool tables and attractions, making this place a one-stop shop for a great night out. Whether you’re here for the food, the drinks or the games, Cue Nine is sure to be a great place for your night out.

A & S Pizza & Pasta

1501 Edgely Rd. Levittown, PA 19057
(215) 949-2620

A & S Pizza & Pasta is Levittown’s hotspot for Italian food. As you may have surmised from the name... pizza and pasta are the main attractions here. If you're into such things, be sure to try their speciality pizzas. The buffalo chicken pizza is a huge crowd favorite, while their chicken parmesan pizza is just right. Even their pepperoni can stand on its own. But if you’re more interested in some amazing pasta dishes, the Vodka Rigatoni, made with perfectly prepared al-dente pasta, is to die for. You'll find that this is the spot for quintessential gourmet Italian food. The ambiance is spot on too.

Murphy's Beef & Ale

5725 Bristol Emilie Rd Levittown, PA 19057
(215) 943-4431

Whether you’re in the mood for top shelf drinks, a cold beer, or some great American dishes, Murphy's Beef & Ale is one the city’s best bars. The burgers here are wonderful, so be sure to come in on Tuesdays when they offer a wide array of specials. Their tacos are a huge crowd favorite, and unlike other place, they put just the right amount of spices on taco meat. If you aren’t in the mood for that, you’ll find a great beefy burger as well as some amazing wings. The ambiance here is what you’d expect from an upscale sports bar — tons of TVs, super clean and full of seating space.

Cancun Mexican Restaurant

110 Lincoln Hwy. Fairless Hills, PA 19030
(215) 945-1250

Luckily, with Cancun nearby, you’re never too far from some amazing Mexican food. While some dishes may not be the most authentic Mexican restaurant, everything here is delicious nonetheless. Their Tacos Tipicos, an authentic and delicious rendition of this popular dish, is to die for. While their fajitas are so large and tasty, they're worth the trip on their own. But if you’re looking for some more familiar dishes, the Cancun (a ribeye steak with shrimp and rice) is a real treat. With a large slab of black Angus beef, cheese and perfectly prepared shrimp, this steak is the perfect mix of Mexican and American food.

Pizza Star

4129 Woerner Ave. Levittown, PA 19057
(215) 945-7828

Much like A & S, you’ll find great Italian food and some wonderful pizzas and Pizza Star. You’ll find much of the same food at both places, but what makes Pizza Star shine is their long standing reliability. When a restaurant has been around this long, you know there's something good going on! The food is amazing. Just what you'd expect from a well established pizzeria. You’ll find an awesome thin crust pizza and all sorts of other goodies like their mouth watering cheese-steak and a delicious batch of wings.